How TalentRaise Works

Most of us, if given a chance, would like to make our contribution in making schools a technologically advanced and a fun place for the children. However, the problems with insufficient funds allocated to the schools is no news for us as we know that many schools simply don’t have enough funds to provide students with the educational services they actually deserve.

That’s why we checked with many principals, teachers and the students if they really need funds to support their innovative ideas for a better educational experience, the answer was a blatant YES! If you want to make a change, make the schools a better place, where do you even start? We have an answer!

TalentRaise is the place to discover, support and organize campaigns and fundraisers around the issues affect the schools and the children which will inturn impact you and your community.

We aim to empower everyone, everywhere to help schools in making them a better place with sophisticated systems in place ensuring complete development of the children in the most productive environment.

Why choose TalentRaise

1. Start for free

  • Use a wide range of services to create any number of fundraisers for your school absolutely free

2. Safety features

  • We allow you and your team to run and manage your fundraise with an intelligent fraud-free payment system

3. Perks for Donors

  • TalentRaise is a powerful tool to gather funds for your school, while offering perks to the donors. These perks may include variety of goodies to donors like personalized merchandise, handicrafts made by volunteers or something that the donors can save as a memory!

4. Reporting and Analytics

  • We provide fundraise results, social media visibility and impact results along with customizable thank you letters for the donors

How to Create a Fundraising in TalentRaise

1. Register as a fundraiser.

2. Tell us your story and idea and the reason why your school needs funds by putting in your heart in the video, write in detail about your story and create a fundraising.

3. Share your story on Social Media to reach out to the right people of who share a similar mindset.

4. Set your goal - you can set a target for a specific fundraising, it is useful for the fundraisers to track and monitor the funds flowing in.

5. Engage with donors - Once the community knows about the fundraising, you will start receiving money.

6. Finally, Congratulations. Your goal will be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

TalentRaise is an innovative platform to support schools by engaging with fundraisers and campaigners. We gather strength from the excellent community network that we have and the reach that we have created through our social media channels.

1. Create a profile.

2. Write about your project/idea in the most appealing manner possible along with a few pictures and videos if required.

3. Once the campaign is launched and made live, we will support the campaign marketing initially.

4. The campaign will start getting funds.

10% of the donation goes to Payment Gateway charges & Maintenance of the Platform and the rest of the amount raised will be transferred to the individuals for their campaign.

TalentRaise is one of the most promising online fundraising platforms specially designed for schools and is backed by a highly experienced management team. TalentRaise has been transparent in all the fundraising campaigns. We value people as they connect more emotionally and strongly with issues related to schools and envision a healthy learning environment for schools.

1. A decent write-up

2. Catchy and relevant Images / videos

3. Information – Details about the campaign

Perks are the incentives that are offered to the donors for their generous contribution for the cause. It can be in the form of personalized stationery, cards, social media applaud, subscription to a website or anything that can be valued as a treasured memory.

We have simple editing option. Apart from Title you can edit Photo/Video & Story multiple times as long as it adheres to our project guidelines. However, we strongly discourage changing your initial idea/project to something that is totally different.

Once your project gets successfully funded, we will transfer the funds into your bank account. It may take us up to 2 weeks from end of project to transfer funds into your account.

TalentRaise is powered by the kindness of our donors. Donors to your campaign may choose to give TalentRaise a voluntary tip during the donation process. These tips allow us to maintain and improve our free platform, so that we can help even more people. We are incredibly grateful for the donors who help us keep TalentRaise the safest, most trusted and the most successful option for school fundraising.

Yes, absolutely. We have very strong security systems to ensure that our users’ data is encrypted through multiple layers of security.

  1. While registering you on our website, we provide you the option of 128-bit encryption- high security, for data storage including your personal information and contact details.
  2. For all types of international and domestic credit/debit cards, we have a high security 3D secure filter which ensures your card details can’t be stored elsewhere/phished from our website.
  3. We also do not store any detail of your card. You make the transaction directly on the banking/merchant site.
  4. Data collection on our servers is minimal and only statutory which is stored in encrypted form.

You will be notified about the donations, which will be displayed in admin panel.

Yes, we take full responsibility of the donor’s money subject to the clauses mentioned under privacy policy and terms of use.

TalentRaise do not provide any form of document for tax-exempt. However, we recommend you to consult a legal advisor and let us know via email for any assistance required at

Payments are accepted through Online Transfer, Credit and Debit Card.

Currently our platform does not accept cheques as a payment method. As soon as we update it, we will notify.

Geared to provide schools and donors with effective ways to give to causes that affect school children or set up your own fundraising.

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