Process of Fundraising

1.1 Registering Users

The following step-by-step instructions will help you to quickly understand how to create a new user in TalentRaise. Please note that you need to have the appropriate rights to create a new user. The default setting assumes that the supervisor is responsible for creating users.

The following step-by-step instructions describe how to create a user with TalentRaise Sign in.

1. Please go to Sign in page on the website situated on the top of the screen as shown in FIGURE 1


For easy access you can log in using your existing Google or Facebook account or simply click on Signup to create a new account with TalentRaise.

You will be redirected to a new page as shown in Figure 2 below:


2. Please enter your details as per the required fields such as Name, Email ID, Mobile number, and password and click on “Create Account”. All the fields are mandatory to enter except Mobile number.

3. As soon as you click on create Account, an OTP is sent to your registered Email ID. Please enter OTP in the field as shown in Figure 3 below:


Once you enter the OTP then click on Validate OTP. A message pops-up on the top right corner as “Registration successfully done”. Please save the password for future logins. Do not share this password with anyone.

1. 2 Update Account Info

You can update your account Info as soon as you log in for the first time as shown in the Figure 4 below:


Or you can update information, password by clicking on the profile icon on the top and select from the drop down box as shown in Figure 5 below:


To logout, simply select the option from the drop down box under profile icon as shown above.

To upload a profile picture, click on photo icon and select the image from your computer as shown below.

To view the saved Causes/Campaigns, simple click on “Causes” icon on the top as shown in Figure 6 below:


1.3 Start Fundraising

1. Before you start fundraising, please make sure you update all the information required as the use of this website is strictly prohibited for certain age groups. If you still wish to continue without updating all the information the system will not proceed due to an error as shown in Figure 7 below:


2. Once you have updated all the required information, click on “Start Fundraising” button on the top of the dashboard. It will be redirected to a page where you can select Category of the cause, fundraising title, fundraising amount, Add a photo or upload a video, write a few points describing your story in detail and duration of the campaign as shown in Figure 8 below:


All the information will be saved with TalenRaise and only the required information will be shared with the donors as per the Privacy Policy. Then, click on Upload to start your fundraising campaign.

1.4 Add and view perks

Perks may be offered to the donors for their contributions, a one of a kind feature being offered on TalentRaise. If you wish to add more perks and view perks, then click on the “Causes” icon as shown in Figure 9 below:


You can edit, share, delete, view donors, add or view updates on the same page as shown in the Figure 9 above.

1.5 Social Sharing

You can share the campaign over Social Media (Facebook, Twitter...etc). It gives your content more exposure to find new donors and a place to stay engaged with existing ones.

1.6 Updates

If you wish to update your campaign after submission, then you may make changes and update your campaign successfully.

1.7 How to Check Your School Campaigns

Go to “Schools” section, search and select your school name. Where you can view the list of categorized campaigns as shown in Figure 10 below.


Geared to provide schools and donors with effective ways to give to causes that affect school children or set up your own fundraising.

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